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Swimming truly is a family sport. It takes approximately 100 volunteers at each meet and the team can simply not exist and operate without every family’s help. This is also a great way to meet other parents and swimmers and become a “connected” part of our swim team.

Each family is required to work 5 volunteer shifts during the season.

All meets include 2 shifts. SHIFT A & SHIFT B

***One shift must be Bull Pen***

If you do not fulfill your volunteer duties, your child will not be allowed to compete at subsequent meets.

Volunteer sign-ups will be posted at 9:00 PM following the Kick-off Party on May __.


ANNOUNCER: The host team will arrange for someone to act as announcer. In addition they shall provide him with equipment to perform his duty. This equipment includes loudspeaker or bullhorn and an order of events. (HOME MEETS ONLY)

At all times the announcer should know what is going on. The event number, number of heats per event etc. so the calls can be made efficiently. This keeps the meet running smoothly.

CONCESSION STAND: Organize and sell food items to raise money for the team. This includes set-up or clean-up, depending on shift. (HOME MEETS ONLY)

BULL PEN: Remain with swimmers in a specified area based on age group to provide heat information, line swimmers up for races, and keep swimmers contained in area. Swimmers are NOT to leave bull pen area without permission. Multiple volunteers are required per age group.

TIMERS: Clock and record swimmers time. Requires two volunteers/lane: one from each team. Each timer is provided with an electronic stopwatch.

DECK MANAGER: Organize swimmers on deck by heat and lane.

PLACE JUDGES: Records swimmers placement at the end of each heat.

JUDGE’S RECORDER: Records final placements from Place Judges. (HOME MEETS ONLY)

MASTER RECORDER: Each team will provide a Master Recorder. The master recorder collects the UK Judges Placing Form from the Judge’s Recorder when the event is complete and all places have been recorded. The master recorder will then go to each lane and record each swimmer's time in the Time Column of the UK Judges Placing Form as noted by the recording timer. With all places and times recorded, the master recorder will deliver the completed UK Judges Placing Form to the runner.

RUNNER: Brings the sheets from Master Recorder to the Computer Operator

RIBBON WRITER: Work with computer entry volunteers to get the ribbons completed before the end of the meet. (SHIFT B ONLY)

COMPUTER OPERATOR: One computer operator will be provided from each team. They will work together inputting the results from each event as reflected on the UK Judges Placing From. A running score shall be kept at all times.

EVENT NUMBER CHANGER- One person sits next to the announcer and the other person sits on the opposite side of pool. You each sit and flip an event number chart so everyone know the event that is in the water. (HOME MEETS ONLY)

PRE-MEET SETUP: Each HOME meet requires a lot of preparation work. Setup begins at 3:00 pm. The jobs are divided into groups: Pool Deck, computer/timing system/PA system, parking signs, etc. Several tasks are included in each job. (HOME MEETS ONLY)

POST-MEET CLEANUP: Each HOME meet requires a lot of cleanup after the meet. Our obligation to our neighbors and fellow homeowners is to restore the pool, and surrounding areas back to their original (or better) condition. Like the "pre-meet setup" jobs, the post-meet jobs are divided into groups: Pool Deck/grounds, computers/timing system/PA system, parking signs, etc. These jobs begin when the last event is completed (around 9:15 p.m.) and can last 1 hour. At AWAY meets we will need help taking down the bullpen tents and making sure our bullpen area is picked up of all trash and items.

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