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Meet Info

Meet Dates:

Meet 1: Currently set for 5/26 - will be rescheduled

Meet 2: June 3rd

Meet 3: June 10th

Meet 4: June 17th

Meet 5: June 22nd

Meet Communication:

The main form of communication for our Lake Forest Swim team will be email. It will be imperative that you check your email regularly for swim team updates. This will be extremely important on days, and during meets, where bad weather is in question. 

Code of Conduct: 

Please be advised that the expectations of Good Sportsmanship are expected from all swimmers, coaches, board members, and parents. All members of the Lake Forest Lightning Swim Team community have been provided with the opportunity to view the Code of Conduct. Consequences for poor sportsmanship and/or poor conduct during a meet will be enforced. 


Sub-pages or information included on this page could relate to:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Volunteer Policies
  • Rules & DQs
  • Links to your governing league
  • Maps to other pools
  • Weather policies
  • Communication

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