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Team Policies

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  1. Swim team practices are for members of the swim team.
  2. Swimmers are expected to practice at the time assigned to their age group.
  3. Swimmers are expected to arrive on time and be ready to swim.
  4. Swimmers are expected to provide their own towel.
  5. Swimmers are expected to leave the pool deck as they found it, clean and tidy.

Swim Meets

  1. Parents are required to let the Head Coach know when their swimmer WILL NOT be participating in a meet as soon as possible.  
  2. The swimmers age as of June 1 determines the age group they will compete for the duration of the summer per ASA rules.
  3. Swimmer events for meets will be assigned by the coaching staff.
  4. The coaching staff will determine the swimmer order for all relay events.
  5. Swimmers should remain in the pool area/ bull pen during the meet.
  6. Swimmers are expected to stay for the entire meet UNLESS the coaching staff has been notified.
  7. If your swimmer will be leaving before the meet concludes you are required to notify the coach by email 48 hours in advance of the meet.
  8. Swimmers are not allowed to be in the water unless they are competing, doing so may result in forfeiture of the swim meet.
  9. Coaches and Timers are the only adults allowed behind the blocks.
  10. Parents should watch from the sides of the pool.
  11. Swimmers are asked to leave the pool deck as they found it, clean and tidy.

Swimmer and Parent Code of Conduct 

Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person, be they adult or child, treating everyone equally within the context of the sport. Respect the spirit of the sport adhering to the rules and laws in and out of the pool, incorporating the concept of friendship and respect for others.

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