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Volunteer Job Descriptions

BULLPEN PARENTS (Home & Away Meets): The Bullpen parents supervise children in the following age groups: 6 & under, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12. They ensure that children in their age group make it to the blocks in time for their individual and relay events. The Bullpen parents should remind their swimmers to be on good behavior and to stay in their respective age group areas, not walking around the meet. By keeping swimmers in their age group areas, it makes finding and organizing the swimmers much easier.

*Shift A Bullpen Parents must arrive early to help mark the arms of swimmers.

*Shift B Bullpen Parents are responsible for cleaning up the bull pen at the end of the meet.

BACKUP TIMER:The Lane Timer Backup volunteer is a backup for the lane timers in the event a timing volunteer is not present, needs a restroom break, or must leave due to an emergency.

CONCESSION STAND (Home Meets): Organize and sell food items to raise money for the team. This includes set-up or clean-up, depending on shift.

EVENT NUMBER CHANGER (Home Meets): This volunteer sits in the lifeguard chair  on the side of the pool. You flip an event number chart so everyone knows the event that is in the water.

FLOATER: This position is for a helpful flexible personality who is willing to help out wherever needed!

PLACE JUDGES: Records swimmers placement at the end of each heat.

JUDGE’S RECORDER (Home Meets): This volunteer is a clerk to the place judges. They record official order of finish as agreed upon by the place judges onto the place judge's form. Records final placements from Place Judges.

MASTER RECORDER: Each team will provide a Master Recorder. The master recorder collects the Judges Placing Form from the Judge’s Recorder when the event is complete and all places have been recorded. The master recorder will then go to each lane and record each swimmer's time in the Time Column of the Judges Placing Form as noted by the recording timer. With all places and times recorded, the master recorder will deliver the completed Judges Placing Form to the runner.

BACKUP TIMER: The Lane Timer Backup volunteer is a backup for the lane timers in the event a timing volunteer is not present, needs a restroom break, or must leave due to an emergency.

PARKING SIGN SET-UP: Placing parking signs around neighborhood according to provided map. *this takes place Thursday morning during swim practice*

PLACE JUDGE: They watch each race and record swimmers placement at the end of each heat.

RUNNER: Brings the sheets from Master Recorder to the Computer Operator.

RIBBONS (Home & Away Meets): The Ribbons volunteers peel and stick labels on the back of the place ribbons, sort ribbons for distribution and distribute ribbons in the corresponding swimmer folders. This position begins in the 2nd half of the meet and will last after the meet has finished.

HOME MEET SET-UP: Each home meet requires a lot of preparation work. The Setup volunteer will need to arrive around 3:30pm to help prepare the pool area the afternoon of the meet prior to the swimmers meet-prep practice. The jobs are divided into groups: pool deck/grounds, computer/timing system, etc. Some of the tasks includes setting up ready bench chairs behind the blocks, roping off the pool deck, moving tables and chairs, etc. This position requires some heavy lifting, however, your job is finished prior to the beginning of the meet!

HOME MEET TEAR-DOWN: Each home meet requires a lot of cleanup after the meet. Our obligation to our neighbors and fellow homeowners is to restore the pool, and surrounding areas back to their original (or better) condition. Like the "setup" jobs, the post-meet jobs are divided into groups: Pool Deck/grounds, computers/timing system/PA system, parking signs, etc. These jobs begin when the last event is completed (around 9:15 p.m.) and can last 1 hour.

AWAY MEET SET-UP:  Setting up the tents, tables, and misc. things we need at the away meet.  Arrival time by 3:30pm so plan travel time accordingly. You'll meet a board member at the parking lot to help unload.

AWAY MEET TEAR DOWN: We will need help taking down the bullpen tents and making sure our bullpen area is picked up of all trash and items.  Carrying tents, tables, and misc things to board member car.  

TIMER (Home & Away Meets): This job is essential to running a swim meet, but is not difficult. If you like to be close to the action, this is the job for you. There are 2 timers per lane (one from each team). When the Meet Official sounds the starting tone the Lane Timers start their stopwatches. When the swimmer touches the end wall, the timers in that lane stop their watches. You will be right at the edge of the pool so please make sure to wear shorts / shoes that you don't mind getting wet!

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